Springtime in the Park

In spite of the inevitable allergies and constant sneezing, I love the springtime. It's a moment of rebirth, of sprouting and flowers! Madrid's terraces open invitingly and Retiro Park becomes a lively setting for picnics with family and friends.

I was in Retiro Park the other day, and I connected with these two young sisters instantly. They made me bring back many childhood memories, reminding me of the curiosity, mischievousness and loving energy I share with my sister. Their energy took me back to the early 90's, playing hide and seek in the lush tropical foliage that bordered the park behind our house in Panama.

They too share a very special connection that made me look back at the moment where I thought about becoming a marine biologist and all I cared about was finding quartz rocks in the dirt, playing with my pet parrot and thinking that, if I ever grew up, my life would be like The Jetsons'.

Almost 20 years later, I find myself being a part of their game, thinking about the life I never really thought I would be living now?

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